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Equine Assisted Life Agility

Equine Assisted Life Agility is a wonderful and proven way of learning better Personal & Social Skills (how we manage ourselves & how we handle relationships with others).

By matching you with a  special needs horse and using canine style agility maneuvers strictly from the ground, you learn how to bring balance back into your every day life and relationships. Horses are known for mirroring our emotions with no judgement and no expectations. Allowing you to be yourself, receive the teachings of the day and allow you to give back to your equine partners. Like us no two horses are the same. Each one of our resident horses lives with and offers a different life challenge and as such a different life lesson.

After spending time with the horses there is a round table to go over the day with your fellow students and your group discussion guide. You are also provided with a journal to keep track of the days challenges, successes, ah ha moments, self awareness's, thoughts and experiences from your time with your special equine teacher for that day. This is the magical moment when we are given the chance to become aware of the lessons that these wonderful creatures have provided us. This is where the growth towards balance begins.

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Disclaimer: We do not offer counseling sessions or a riding program. Although we have a counselor on our board who has extensive knowledge working with horses in a special needs setting, we are not therapists. Although many feel this is a very therapeutic activity, we do not have a licensed mental-health professional involved in our program.