Colorado River Drying Up

Growing up on the colorado river by Laughlin NV Lake Mead was full of runoff made in the winter and my only concern at that time was how often I could go swimming, fishing with my mom, or boating with friend.

Today my first concern is if we will be able to afford the rising price of hay due to the water shortages that the farms are feeling and the predictions for 2022 concerning the 25% drop in farm production also due to the drought.

Many of the people in our town haul their own water or have it hauled commercially from water stations. Filling their water tanks with a large hose that dispenses the water. Sometimes many gallons of water spill out onto the ground and runs onto the concrete or dirt creating a stagnant pool to be dehydrated or soaked into the ground wasted.

Before I had timers on our hose faucets I would inadvertently leave the water hoses on while filling the water troughs. I would get mad at myself for wasting sometimes hundreds of gallons of water from leaving it on overnight. After mentioning I needed timers and thinking they would be out of my reach financially I found out they were inexpensive and available in most garden depts. I have been dancing a jig ever since at the amount of water saved by a simple investment. Using the timer no matter how short a time I might use it, allows me to make sure there is no waste.

Something as simple as dumping dirty gray water from washing your vehicle or cleaning out a water trough or dog dish can be used for the foliage by simply pouring it into a bucket. This could include glasses or bottles of leftover water from a visitor or a child. Or setting a timer when taking a shower.

Here at Caring Hearts for Horses, we have 2 water tanks that carry 5,000 gallons of water when they are both full. We have our water delivered by a company multiple times a month. We have timers on all of our faucets. When we clean our water troughs the dirty water goes to water a tree. We have also implemented using buckets for bathing and making sure not to use too much soap in the bucket so that we use less water for rinsing. We are also looking at adding plastic gutters to our shelters for runoff. A super tip for everyone in the warm months; any leftover water bottles that have been left in your vehicle and only have a small amount of water left can be combined into one emergency bottle that you keep in your car or truck.

While a half-inch of water left in a bottle may not concern us now, but one day soon could mean the difference between unlimited access and regulated daily amounts and thousands of horses looking for homes that can supply enough water for them to live.

A few links to help give you some ideas on water conservation and healthier barns and turn outs for you and your horse


CURRENT LOOK AT LAKE MEAD WATER LEVELS and how that affects farming which in turn affects our forage prices. Horse and live owners could see 20$ a bale for bermuda and alfalfa in 2022.

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