Hay prices rising but you can help by being a sponsor

This is something that we as sanctuaries and rescues and horse owners alike are all very concerned about. Sanctuaries and rescues especially because we tend to take it more seriously and we have many more horses that we are taking care of. Rescues have the ability to adopter animals out even though the situation makes it more difficult do to people not wanting to take on that expense in that concern. Sanctuaries have an even more difficult because we do not adopt our animals out.

That said Caring Hearts for Horse's has a sponsorship program where people can sponsor a horse. Our business program which we are focused on at the moment offers a monthly, bi-annual and annual sponsorship are all tax deductible. The information and write ups for each course available to sponsor is being concluded at this time however please don't let that stop you from asking for information. Annual membership is $3000, bi-annual is $2500 and monthly is $250. The benefits with each sponsorship differ depending on which you choose. We also welcome you to choose a monthly donation on our website at on our donation page.

Please email your inquiries from the contact page on our website. And thank you for having a caring heart.

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