Horse Reunion

Being taken away from someone that feels like family or is family where your best friend is heartbreaking stressful and difficult the post below is just one more of of many many many instances proving that horses feel when they leave their heard that they hurt or they wouldn't feel the love to see each other that they do. This is what people need to remember when they think of rehoming their they're animals because they don't serve the purpose they were purchased for and they are being taken from another horse they're used to being with.

I've heard it said many times though it's been done for years it's not a big deal. And while it may not be a big deal to humans because it's been done for years and the animal has no choice in the matter but to deal with it oh, it's a very big deal to them

Don't forget to hug and kiss your horse today and give him a scratch behind the ear. And if you have more than one enjoy the moment you watch them scratching each other's Withers four sides that's their connection.



These two beauties had been barn mates but were separated for a few months. This is was what happened when they saw each other at the horse park after their long absence from each other.

📷Jenn Wang.

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