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Personal Stories & Reviews

Newborn mini horse save

 Just wanted to say Thank you so much for coming to my babies rescue. It was a frantic situation as this baby was probably a premie and time was running out for her. I am new to the area so didn't know where to turn for help but Mickey moved mountains to get me the colostrum and other items. Turned out the mare started producing herself and my good friend Kat managed to milk her to get colostrum in a bottle to save her.. So today baby is up, walking better and I think she is going to make it. For those who think she should have been taken to the Vet, there was not much to be done short of tube feeding her which also is no guarantee and opens up the problem of losing the bond with the dam and bottle feeding. She is a fighter with a strong will to live and that is what will keep her going, she flatly refused the bottle after the first two times and is nursing on her own. Thanks again to everyone who offered advice and Caring Hearts for Horses.


Flash just melted in Mickey’s hands. After a pulled shoulder muscle and 2 very bad shoeing’s, Mickey was able to get him to release and relax. I’m looking forward to the next sessions with both horses. I highly encourage my horse friends to book their sessions. Your horse will be forever. Thanks Mickey. 🐴💞

Lisa Heathington, Golden Valley Az

 Resting Head While Stretching His Poll 

 Sharing a Breath 

 A Gift of Gratitude from Client to Therapist 

1 hr into a 2nd Session


I cannot say enough good things about Mickey Saathoff and Caring Hearts for Horses. She is helping me to keep my big boy Cimarron as well as going out of her way to bring my little rescue home after being placed in a pretty crappy home. They do not have unlimited resources other than a huge heart for horses that deserve a better chance. Thank you, thank you,thank you!! 🐴❤️


Annie Fonceradda, Golden Valley Az

 Maya and Cimmaron 

 Maya's 1st Morning